The Industrial Combo Cooker

The combi-your oven is the most flexible piece of equipment in today’s commercial kitchen, viewed by most culinary experts and cooks since the ‘must-have’ product. Over the last three decades they have progressed from basic handbook versions offering a few cooking methods – convection, heavy steam and a variety of both – to multiple-system ovens making use of leading edge technology for example the Reasonable few Sensory faculties Personal Preparing food Center as well as the Electrolux Touchline Air flow-O-Heavy steam ovens.


Electrolux productsThe key benefits of the combi oven are indisputable. Powerful and finished the combination ovens can have out a number of food preparation processes such as roasting, poaching, barbecuing, steaming and cooking with exceptional outcomes. Condition-of-the-craft combi-ovens scale back on shrinkage and energy leading to big price savings for the owner. Combi-ovens provide huge benefits due to their sheer overall flexibility: they are often utilized in a variety of roles from baking loaves of bread to roasting birds as well as every sort of food items in between, affirms Andy Bridgeman, Revenue Director at Akro Minimal. They could support caterers cope with full selections regardless if you are a place cooking food 30 handles or perhaps a sizeable banqueting facility with thousands the Reasonable & Electrolux ovens can manage ease.

Choosing a Mixture Cooker

Cooks/Caterers deciding on a your oven nowadays possess a broad selection of types with diverse amounts of sophistication but the two main manufacturers that stand out as the marketplace managers (Electrolux Expert and Logical Great Britain). Deciding on the proper your oven is indeed essential since it is a smart investment and should represent what you need from a cooker. If you are right after excellent cooking final results with the ability to preserve these final results and create placed choices then select a leading brand. When you are right after a standard convection heißluftdampfer the identical can be applied if you only desire to steam. Each suppliers offer a variety which contains both manual and automated ovens to fit the needs of any sort of procedure, from massive banqueting utilizing a cook chill system to smaller eating places that will make use of its multiple-functionality.

Realistic Ovens

Rational conceived the technological innovation in 1976, and the first combi-steamers experienced manual controls and were sophisticated to operate. With a guidebook version the chief cook has got to key in each of the preparing food guidelines – time, temperature and fill, claims Lee Norton, Rationale’s dealing with director. Within a programmable product the cook punches from the food preparation requirements environment into movement pre-programmed programs.

Electrolux Specialist Ovens

Alan Evans, management training chef at Electrolux Expert, claims the key benefits of utilizing this kind of remarkably smart bit of package are substantial. Early programmable models just possessed 9 programmers each and every with about three techniques, now they may have one thousand program every single with 100 actions or food preparation levels, he contributes. Placed programs might be transferred involving distinct ovens making use of the Universal serial bus harbor, adding additional efficiency to chefs with several ovens or the kitchen.

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