– What is a coin mixer and how does it work?

BestMixer is the mixing service that guarantees your anonymity while making coin transactions online. The service mixes your coins with the coins of other clients thousands of times thus making it impossible to trace the origin of coins and ensuring your privacy.

How does bitcoin mixer work?

The basic principle of the bitcoin mixers is already laid in the name of the services. In fact, the technology of such resources is simple enough –the same way an ordinary kitchen mixer mixes several ingredients into a homogeneous mass, bitcoin mixers mix transactions from different accounts.

That is, by sending a transaction through a mixer, you send your transaction to a service that in turn mixes coins from other transactions tens or even hundreds of times, eventually sending them to the specified address of the recipient. Thus, a huge amount of data on new transactions appears in the blockchain, among which it is difficult and even impossible to track the primary and final addresses.

Security and anonymity with

The servers of do not store information about the processed operations. Once the funds have been sent to the target addresses, the logs are deleted. Using multiple destination addresses also enhances the confidentiality of the sender’s identity. Thus, when viewing the history of wallet operations, it will be more difficult to determine the mixing scheme. BestMixer allows you to use additional destination addresses for an additional fee.

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